• Our heritage and passion

    goes into every biscuit we produce

Prewett’s can trace its heritage back to 1936 with a recipe for Ginger Parkin that Frederick Shaw thought was too good to keep to himself.

He set up Shaw’s Biscuits to sell locally across the North East. The next decade saw the outbreak of conflict and the company found its place supporting the Red Cross by sending food parcels to the front line.

In peacetime national distribution soon followed and the company began working with retailers on own label products and developed their own purpose built factory.

A lot has changed since 1936 when Mr Shaw first set up his bakery business as today the plant covers 30,000 sq ft and employs around 200 staff. But there are some things he would definitely recognise, our delicious biscuits and our passion to share them with the nation!

Our Prewett’s brand can trace its history even further back in time to 1872 when William Prewett’s flour mill in Sussex began to gain a reputation for its fantastic products!

We’re proud of our biscuit family and our heritage.

Baking biscuits for generations.